Welcome to Reluctant Writing!

We are very excited to share many useful tools that are FREE to help you in assisting any struggling writers that you know. We believe that the key to assisting anyone in their educational pursuits is to first engage them and we have found that technology holds the key to this motivation for learners at any age. We hope that you will find this presentation useful and we have organized this wiki into the following categories...ENJOY!

ISTE Presentation


  1. Hooks and Story Starters: Exciting and creative story starter prompts that will assist anyone who struggles with getting started.
  2. Story Creators: These tools allow students to design and publish story stories in an online environment.
  3. Concept Mapping: A twist to paper and pencil graphic organizers that are sure to engage any reluctant writer!
  4. Collaboration: Online tools that will allow students to work together on their writing tasks.
  5. Mobile Learning: Tools that can assist students who have access to emerging technologies such as tablets, cellphones, etc.
  6. Visual and Graphic Writing: Students can take traditional printed text and enhance it with elements of design.
  7. Alternate Presentation Options: Engaging tools that will motivate students to present traditional writing tasks such as a book report in a new and exciting way!
  8. Other Presentation Ideas: Other online tools that you may find useful in your educational setting.